Project Process

What is the process and timeline?
The GPP process is based on the Province of BC’s Well Protection Plan toolkit and is focused on six main steps:

Step 1: Form a Community Planning Team

Step 2: Define the Well Protection Area

Step 3: Identify Potential Contaminants

Step 4: Develop Management Strategies

Step 5: Develop Contingency Plans

Step 6: Monitor Results and Evaluate the Plan

The project tasks are based on these six main steps, but the specific tasks relevant to the District of Invermere are slightly different – See the Project Plan page for details.

The Groundwater Protection Plan project was initiated in July 2010. Steps 1 through 4 have been recently been completed (Summer of 2012). Step 5 will be undertaken in the Fall of 2012 and completed by December of 2012. Step 6 is ongoing.