Groundwater Protection Plan (GPP)

Groundwater is an important source of drinking water for the District of Invermere. In 2006, the District developed a well in the Athalmer area (the Athalmer aquifer) to provide a secondary drinking water supply to complement the Paddy Ryan Reservoir system, which has provided the District with water for many years.

With the potential for climate change to impact surface water sources, as well as the potential high cost of treating surface water, the Athalmer aquifer has become an advantageous water supply source for Invermere. Through development of the first District water supply well in Athalmer, it is apparent that there is potential for this aquifer to be expanded to supply even more of the District’s future water needs.

As a result, the District’s purpose for undertaking this project is two-fold:

  • To develop a groundwater protection plan that involves the community and protects the existing groundwater supply.
  • To further investigate the potential of the Athalmer aquifer to provide additional water to meet future water demands of the District, and to recommend an effective approach to water supply expansion.

Developing and implementing a groundwater protection plan is key to protecting the District’s well water supply. A groundwater protection plan contains practical, protective measures to minimize and prevent undesirable impacts from land use activities on the District’s well water.

Goundwater Protection Strategy (6 MB)

What’s an aquifer?

It’s an underground formation of permeable rock or loose material that stores or conducts groundwater. It can produce useful quantities of water when tapped by a well.