Athalmer Water Well Supply Project

The District of Invermere (DOI) has identified groundwater as an advantageous water source to supplement the District’s surface water supply provided by Goldie Creek and Paddy Ryan Lakes. The new groundwater supply provides increased drinking water needed for community growth and as an alternative supply if drought conditions or contamination affect the District’s existing supply. As part of the long-term strategy to add a groundwater source to Invermere’s existing water supply, a groundwater exploration program was initiated in 2000. This study aimed to find an adequate groundwater source in the Athalmer area. Ultimately, the well site located at the intersection of Sifton Street and Fourth Avenue in Athalmer proved to be the highest-yield and lowest-risk available groundwater source. As a result, the District prepared a plan to develop this well and build the infrastructure necessary to use it as a potable water source for the District.

Athalmer Water Well and Reservoir – PDF Map (1.5 MB)

Project Highlights

The new groundwater supply not only provides additional water for the growth in the District, but the location of the new reservoir ensures that most of Invermere will have an alternate and secure water supply source in the future. In addition, the reservoir site provides room for expansion, if necessary, in the future.

The watermain constructed from the Athalmer well to the new reservoir has been built large enough to allow for additional groundwater supply to the system in the future as required.

The new water supply aims to improve the potential water flow for firefighting in the downtown area of Invermere.

Project Scope

The construction project required to develop the Athalmer groundwater well for use by the District included:

  • Developing the well in Athalmer including the supply and installation of well pumps, complete with controls and piping;
  • Construction of a water main from the well to the proposed reservoir site at the future sports field site located west of 13th Avenue (Mt. Nelson);
  • Connection of the pump station to the existing water distribution pipes; and
  • Funding from the Canada – BC Infrastructure Funding Program to contribute towards the cost of the above project.